I’d like to introduce you to my incredible painting workshops, the best in Italy. We welcome artists at all levels of accomplishment from all corners of the world.


If you are an experienced artist, a beginner who has take a lesson or two, or even if you’ve never painted before, you’ll love working with us.

You’ll learn on a one-to-one basis at your own easel from the very first moment you begin to paint until the last critique, and then on to our final exhibition. We will help you develop and safe guard your individual style.

The painting locations and the first-class accommodations I have chosen these past 22 years, my teaching ability, and those of my colleagues have distinguished Diana Willis’ Paint in Italy... workshops as "incomparable".

I believe each of us has an inner, artistic-self. Have you discovered yours? Now is the time to do so. Nurture yourself and make this year the turning point in your life.


I guarantee you a rush of excitement after you complete that first work of art you thought you could never do!


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